Through our specialized activities in automobile, medical, and energy markets, we propose various components for you to look for.

Solutions in the automotive market

Product examples

  • ◆ Capacitors, connectors, various harnesses, noise suppression parts
  • ◆ Heat dissipation material such as heat sinks and die-cast
  • ◆ LCDs, Camera modules

Solution in the medical market

Product examples

  • ◆ Various medical power supplies, Transformer, Connector, Terminal block, Noise countermeasure materials
  • ◆ Display devices such as LCD etc.
  • ◆ Various memory

Solutions in the energy market

Product examples

  • ◆ High-voltage and/or high-current components such as SiC devices and reactors
  • ◆ Heat dissipation materials such as heat sinks and die-cast
  • ◆ Resin/Metal enclosures

Problems with a new application?

  • Have no knowledge/know-how to connect to the internet
  • Would like to revise a processor
  • Not sure how to choose the best communication system; such as communication speed or number of connected devices
  • Would like to use a cloud service
  • Not sure about the dependability of wireless

We introduce you the latest network technology such as IoT, for your applications and suggest the best items that are affordable, functional and dependable.

※System configuration required for IoT use

■ Board with Processor

  • ・ Board with Processor Boar ARM Processor
    Board with X86 (intel, AMD) Processor
    Board with other (SH etc.) Processor
  • ・ Industrial PCs, panel computers, BTO computers,
    industrial motherboards, computer-on-modules, and other
    various OS compatible PCs(Windows, Linux, etc.)