Sustainable development Goals

Sustainable development Goals
Connect to the future
Tsunagu Miraie

We would like to solve our social problems, enrich our lives and contribute to create a better society (Society 5.0) by selling the latest and high quality electric components and devices. Each of the components cannot bring out its full potential. Upon understanding this, we work on offering items which combines a various types of the components suitable for our customer’s needs.

“Connected” creates new functions which help our society.Our activities realizing Society5.0 is connected with ones for SDGs. The components and devices provided by us are commercialized by our customers, and they make our lives better and more comfortable.
In addition, each member of Ohtori, Okamoto has been starting to think for his/herself and to take actions. What we can do is very limited. Even if it is the fact, we would like to “connect” our single activity together and become the first step towards SDGs.

Time never stops by 2030 as well as the earth does not wait. We promise that we do what we can do now hand in hand with our members.

April 20, 2021
Okamoto Electrics Corporation
Ohtori Corporation
Takayoshi Okamoto, President and Representative Director

Activities for Health Management

Health Declaration
Ohtori and Okamoto Electrics Group Health Declaration

The Ohtori / Okamoto Electrics Group has “E-Junction”, a flexible intersection of the latest electronics, as their business concept. Electronic Units are incorporated into all products and systems, and will contribute to the progress of an IoT society by selecting, combining, unitizing and selling electronic components that best meet customer needs.

The realization of a Society 5.0 society promoted by the government to solve social problems such as the declining birthrate and aging population, the shortage of workers, and the arrival of the 100th year life will not be possible without the evolution of IoT and communication technologies. In that sense, we are confident that the development of our business will contribute to the creation of a more prosperous society and the resolution of future social problems.

Society5.0 IoT technology is at the center of society, and electronics is at the center of IoT technology. Our company, which handles a wide range of electronic components and equipment, will contribute to the creation of a Society 5.0 society by bringing together the power of all our employees and developing a business based on the concept of E-Junction.

Our business development is supported by the vibrant work of each and every employee. Our first wish is that our employees are both physically and mentally healthy, and secondly, that their families are healthy too and they are able to have a healthy family life, and enjoy long vigorous lives. By working at our company, we hope that while contributing to the realization of a Society 5.0 society, as a human being, you will promote the creation of a body that is suitable for the era of 100 year life and that is both physically and mentally healthy.

Therefore, we will promote work style reform and health management, and work to create a workplace where all employees and their families enjoy a cheerful, fun and rewarding lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

August 20, 2019
Okamoto Electrics Corporation
Ohtori Corporation
Takayoshi Okamoto, President and Representative Director

Initiatives for Quality Improvement

Initiatives for Quality Management

We have acquired ISO 9001 (quality management system) which proves that we provide excellent quality and services.

Initiatives for Information Security

Basic information of our Security Policy

Ohtori Corporation recognizes the importance of information security as an electronic components trading company, and shall strictly comply with the legal requirements and appropriately manage information assets.
Therefore, we have established the "Information Security Management System (ISMS)", and we will strive to maintain and improve this system by promoting its use throughout the company.

We have acquired ISO/IEC 27001, an international standard of "Information Security Management System (ISMS)".

Initiatives for Environment

Environmental / Corporate Vision

Contribute to the future by protecting the natural environment through daily activities.

Environmental Declaration

We, Ohtori Corporation, will act with consideration to the environment in our sales businesses based on electronic components as well as assembly and processing, etc. We take global environmental conservation as a crucial part of our business, and we will act with consideration to the environment in all the processes of material delivery, packaging, wrapping, and shipping.

Environmental Policy

Our Philosophy

Okamoto Electronics Corporation and Ohtori Group aims to become a "environmentally friendly company that passes on the rich natural environment to the next generation" by participating in environment conservation initiatives required as electronic trading company.

Initiatives for Environmental Management

We have acquired ISO/IEC 14001 related to environmental management.


Code of business conduct and ethics

Management Policy

  • 1. We will contribute to socio-public welfare through commercial conduct our business.
  • 2. We will move advance slowly but surely and step by step to achieve sound development based on our sturdy management.
  • 3. We will gain trust through sincerity, hard work, and clarity.

Action Guidelines

  • ー . We respect individuality, and will use teamwork as a strength to build a joyful and energetic corporate base.
  • ー . We will make this company a place worth working at, by aiming for a prosperous life with youthfulness, passion, and dreams.
  • ー . We will actively show interest and seek for expertise knowledge to increase our sense perception standards.

United Nations Global Compact

Initiatives for the United Nations Global Compact

What is United Nations Global Compact?

The United Nations Global Compact started in July 2007 as a platform to create businesses with companies that promise to be sustainable and responsible. Also to be a practical framework. The leader of the company is required to use his leadership skills to take on the business strategies and activities, and fulfill 10 universally agreed principles; such as human rights, working environment, fight against corruption, and more.

Procurement Policy

Initiatives for Sustainable Procurement
  • ー . To work towards reducing the environmental impacts, and to be considerate on global and natural environment.
  • ー . To comply with laws and regulations related to environmental conservation and meet the supplier requirements.
  • ー . To promote 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) as well as to use the resources efficiently and reduce the waste.
  • ー . To establish an environment management system, set clear goals, and strengthen the efforts on the activity.
  • ー . To respect human rights and privacy, and carry out operations with solid trust from business partners.
  • ー . To "avoid", "reject", and "not expect" gifts, services, and donations beyond courtesy.
Initiatives for Conflict Minerals

Okamoto Electronics Corporation and Ohtori Group has a policy not to use the conflict minerals which are the source of armed forces in the regions with conflicts. However, there are companies which legally conduct their businesses with conflicting minerals, and for such companies we will take measures not to obstruct such legal business activities.